Our advantages

Monthly team building

Friendly relations are maintained in our team. Team building events every month

Qualified mentors

You can always seek help from qualified mentors

Professional growth

In our company, a lot of time is devoted to the continuous development and training of employees

Flexibility in work

We always meet our employees halfway at a convenient working time depending on time zones and the desired schedule

Convenient location

All employees work remotely, so you will not have restrictions on location while working

High salary

We offer wages above the competitive market

List of jobs

Remote programmer
Remote programmer
Need a programmer for remote work. Main responsibilities include development and support of projects, Development of non-standard functionality‚ writing new modules and components, Development and support of projects on popular CMS.

Remote programmer vacancy

  • The rate for the first test month is $400
  • From the second month, the rate is $500
  • Further rate increases are negotiated every 3 months


  • The ability to understand other people’s code;
  • The ability to customize and refine data exchange will be an advantage;
  • Strong knowledge of OPP, SOLID principles PHP and MySQL‚ HTML‚ CSS‚ JavaScript (jQuery‚ AJAX);
  • Understanding the principles of optimizing the performance and security of websites;
  • Knowledge of other CMS will be a big plus;

Goals and objectives:

  • Project development and support;
  • Development of non-standard functionality‚ writing new modules and components;
  • Development and support of projects on popular CMS;

Main responsibilities:

  • Creating a site according to the technical specifications and Figma layout;
  • Support for existing sites (updates, bug fixes);
  • Improving the functionality of existing sites;
  • Creating modules for WP, OpenCart (desirable) and ModX (desirable);
  • Interaction with third-party services via API;
  • Optimizing site performance and security;

What we offer:

  1. 100% on time payments
  2. A literate mentor who can teach many nuances of work
  3. Real tasks and adequate leadership
  4. Detailed TOR for the job, without “go out there and fetch you-know-what”.
  5. Working hours Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 18:00; Lunch break for an hour
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Remote designer
Remote designer
I am looking for a full-time remote designer to join my team (a beginner is welcome, but who is ready to learn quickly)

Vacancy Remote Designer

  • We are looking for a full-time remote designer to join our team (a beginner is welcome, but who is ready to learn quickly)
  • Rate for two months trial period — $300
  • From the third month, the rate is $350
  • Further rate increase is negotiated every 3 months


  • Learn as soon as possible, because. this directly affects the growth of your salary.
  • You do not need super skills – layout and design for a site from scratch with mega requirements (but such a skill will be a plus)
  • We need an honest and diligent person who is ready to work 8 hours a day (without tricky schemes, I work for an hour, freelance for an hour and rest for an hour) or 4 hours if you work mega quickly

Tasks and main responsibilities:

  • Create / redo photos for articles, advertising companies, social networks and other areas
  • Fill in the table of completed work on the tasks assigned
  • Work with photoshop, Corel / Illustrator, for svg VSCode (when there is only code, but the picture itself is needed), adobe AF to create gif animation
  • use creative, because sometimes there will be little introductory in the TK
  • use Google search if something is not clear or does not work the first time, to search for solutions

What we offer:

  • 100% timely payments
  • A competent mentor who can teach many nuances of work
  • Realistic tasks and adequate leadership
  • Detailed TOR for work and examples of required illustrations
  • Working hours Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 18:00; Lunch break for an hour
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Junior SEO Specialist Full Time Remote
Junior SEO Specialist Full Time Remote
Junior SEO required for remote work. Main responsibilities include promotion and support of projects, project analysis, preparation of technical specifications, verification of work performed, etc.

What will be the responsibilities:

  • Working with WordPress and other Site Engines – i.e. filling in tags, creating and editing pages and other information according to the task that will be provided, the curator (supervisor) is also provided;
  • Analysis of competitors and issuance
  • Optimization of the current pages of the site according to the Terms of Reference;
  • Making changes and changes to the site in accordance with the Terms of Reference;
  • Compilation of meta tags and titles, internal linking;
  • Search, selection and editing of information;
  • Drafting of TOR for a Copywriter, Programmer, Designer, Content Manager
  • Working with the Semantic Core;
  • Making report.


  • Minimum experience with Google Analytics and Search Console and Webmaster or the ability to quickly google any information, watch videos, read articles, study the instructions provided and understand this or that tool, all information and assistance is provided from our side, we do not stop you with nothing ‘go do it’.;
  • Be able to work with SEO services and programs (Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Ahrefs and others).
  • Providing individual, targeted recommendations for a specific site to improve the analyzed indicator;
  • Basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) principles;
  • Basic skills of SEO-optimization of the text (drawing up title, description, h1, etc.).
  • Experience with Google Sheets

Personal qualities:

  • Willingness and ability to learn
  • Analytic mind;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Perseverance (ability to perform monotonous work);
  • Accuracy and care;
  • Ability to work with a large amount of information;

Will be a plus:

  • Experience in promoting foreign sites
  • Reading and understanding html code
  • Experience in marketing and contextual advertising
  • Experience in SMM
  • Minimum level of knowledge of English B1
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, experience with various CMS (WordPress, Joomla)
  • High literacy (the ability to write without errors), be fluent in written Russian.


  • Remote work 8 hour work day
  • Full-fledged training live, according to text and video instructions
  • Adequate leadership
  • Prompt Payment
  • Possibility of vertical or horizontal growth
  • Guaranteed experience with foreign projects


  • Rate for 3 months trial period — $300
  • Starting from the 4th month rate 350$+
  • Further rate increase is negotiated every 3 months
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PPC специалист на удаленке
PPC специалист на удаленке
Требуется PPC-специалист на удаленную работу. Основные обязанности включают: настройку рекламных кампаний, поддержку работающий кампаний, аудиты, анализ ставок и т.д.


  • Разработка и оптимизация рекламных кампаний в Google Ads;
  • Анализ результатов рекламных кампаний и вносить необходимые изменения для улучшения показателей;
  • Определение целевой аудитории и разработка стратегий таргетинга;
  • Мониторинг и анализ конкурентной ситуации на рынке;
  • Подготовка отчетов об эффективности рекламных кампаний и рекомендаций по оптимизации.


  • Опыт в разработке и оптимизации PPC-кампаний Google Ads;
  • Знание инструментов аналитики и трекинга рекламы (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager);
  • Самодисциплина для стабильной удаленной работы.

Мы предлагаем:

  • Работа на удаленке 8-часовой рабочий день;
  • Своевременная Оплата, которая соответствует вашим навыкам и опыту;
  • Возможность вертикального или горизонтального роста;
  • Гарантированное получение опыта с зарубежными проектами;
  • Полноценное обучение вживую, по текстовым и видео инструкциям;
  • Адекватное руководство.


  • Ставка на 3 месяца пробного периода — 300$;
  • Начиная с 4-го месяца ставка 350$+;
  • Дальнейшее повышение ставки оговаривается каждые 3 месяца.
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