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Project Objectives:

Search engine optimization (SEO) as quickly as possible, objective/milestone form of cooperation.


The main website domain has been crosslinked with a subdomain in Google

This was the result of an incorrect recommendation by an SEO specialist to create subdomains for regional promotion. The position of the main website in SERPs. dropped as a result of crosslinking of the subdomain with the main domain in Google. As a result, cooperation with the previous SEO team was terminated and it was decided to hire a more experienced team.

Project Milestones:

  • Comprehensive audit 
  • Compilation of a comprehensive TOR taking into account all the technical issues found 
  • Monitoring the implementation of technical changes 
  • Competitor analysis, building a list of current search queries on the website, analysis of key phrases and LSI 
  • Builder, query collection, and clustering 
  • Semantic kernel mapping, writing meta tags for 50 highpriority web pages and for 20 web pages with text content 
  • Writing TORS for textual content to fill 50 web pages 
  • Drawing up a plan for buying links 
  • Execution of monthly link purchas

Link building schedule:


  • Link procurement for the website was carried out
  • A linkpromotion plan was drawn up based on the results of a competitor reference weight audi

In order to dilute the link portfolio and ensure natural growth of the reference weight, profile and crowdsourced links were bought in the first place

Within the second month of the project, the planned guest posting backlinks purchase strategy was implemented.

Traffic graph:


Case results TopRank Marketing SEO –

website traffic


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