Contextual Advertising and website redesign SEVZAPPOJSERVIS

Company engaged in installation and sale of fire protection equipment and alarm systems

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Contextual Advertising and website redesign SEVZAPPOJSERVIS


  • low advertising budget 
  • current workload is only 4-7 applications per month 
  • no prospects for further growth over a long period of time 

THE CLIENT SET A PRECONDITION FOR COOPERATION: not less than 1 bid per 1 day of 


extremely difficult to achieve stable results with low bid prices without implementing comprehensive improvement measures

Next we drew up a work plan and agreed it with the clientWe then started a phased implementation of the work


Competitor analysis to identify eyecatching and commercially effective blocks, pages for ad traffic and semantics

Examination of the client’s landing pages to which the traffic from the advertisements was directed.

Preparation of TOR for programmer and designer in order to redesign sliders on all pages of the website, as well as header, footer, menu and two main pages that generate traffic

Once the layout was approved by the client, we implemented the new design according to the TOR. Additionally, blocks with discounts and promotional offers were added

Placing targets on all conversion elements of the website as a whole, and two key pages in particular

6 Launching a new contextual advertising campaign, finetuning an old one, as well as publishing it on the Yandex Advertising Network

Setting up campaigns, advertisements, testing rates and minus phrases.

Testing campaign for Yandex Advertising Network showed that this direction is not promising and it was subsequently closed. The focus was then placed on contextual advertising.

Technical bids as one of the bid directions showed themselves to be ineffective. We decided to switch off the receipt of people in this direction

Testing of the mobile traffic conducted within 2 months has revealed that this direction is actually unprofitable. We made a decision to minimize the budget and rates for this destination. As a result of watching the video and studying statistics, we concluded that mobile traffic provides very few though qualitative conversions

To compensate for the number of bids after disabling the technical direction, we decided to create a new contextual advertising campaign in Google Ads

Three months after launching the campaign, we decided to do a pointbypoint redesign of the blocks and text content on the website.

Yandex Direct 

Statistics for all campaigns in the Yandex search engine from October 2020 till May 2021:


Taking into account direct calls and requests made through messengers,that weren’t taken into account in total statistics, the total number of requests was 135 (+46 requests)

In recalculation, the final exact conversion price (cost per bid) is 1,871 RUB.

Google Ads 

Statistics for all campaigns in the Google search engine from October 2020 till May 2021


Taking into account all possible ways of submitting applications, 49 applications were received in this period. Recalculated, the final exact conversion price (price per bid) is 1,761 RUB


What has been achieved?

Already after the first month of work, we met the minimum requirement set by the clientnamely to receive 1 request per 1 day of advertising. The advertising campaign was working on weekdays (on weekends promotional materials are not shown). Thanks to the correctly composed core and effective analysis of competitors, we were able to succeed in a competitive segment with an unfamiliar subject matter

What did we do to achieve results? 

We carried out campaign testing in the Yandex Advertising Network. Although some positive results were obtained, this area did not compare well with other forms of advertising. In order to improve campaign settings on the Yandex Advertising Network and achieve better results, a bigger budget and a longer lead time are required. As a result, we’ve deemed this area to be of lesser importance and have temporarily closed it down.  


A design change has a definite effect on the dynamics of the cost per click, as well as a direct impact on the cost per bid. We recommend making improvements and changes to the design at least once a month. Design improvement work pays for itself within the next 2-3 months

Developing the right strategy:

At all stages of completion, each application received feedback on its effectiveness, so we were able to capitalise on the effects of communication and intelligently adjust budgets for priority and seasonal areas. Interaction with the client is the key to success!

Case results Contextual Advertising and website redesign SEVZAPPOJSERVIS

1 rate
per 1 working day


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